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About us

XI'AN SINO TITANIUM ALLOY CO., LTD., is a leading manufacturer in the Titanium alloy industry. We specialize in the manufacture of aviation-standard semi-finished titanium products, aligning them with diverse country standards. With a focus on customization, we offer services for the production of titanium tubes, wires, bars, and plates.

Our mission

At XI'AN SINO TITANIUM ALLOY CO., LTD., our goal is to be a leader in the manufacturing of Titanium alloys products. We strive to provide innovative and high-quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. With a commitment to excellence, we aim to drive growth and deliver exceptional value to our customers in the industry.

Our value

At XI'AN SINO TITANIUM ALLOY CO., LTD., we embody excellence in the Manufacturing of Titanium alloy products. Our commitment to precision, innovation, and durability enables us to deliver exceptional solutions that empower industries worldwide. Partner with us and experience the value of cutting-edge technology and unrivaled expertise.

-Why STA-


Our team has more than 15 years of industry experience;


We have advanced technology and top-notch equipment;


Strict quality control to ensure product accuracy;

Our Core Services

Precision to Aerospace Standards and Multinational Compliance

-Conduct product process quality management in strict accordance with the requirements of the aerospace quality control system to ensure product traceability.

-Covering US standard, European standard, DIN standard, and Russian standard



Our Core Product

Titanium Wire

Titanium weld wire is an ideal material for tough industrial applications. It is a perfect material to use in fabrication and welding.

The wire is often used because of its unique combination of high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and high-temperature performance.

It can be used in a wide range of industries including; Automotive, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Metal Fabrication. 

Titanium Plate

Titanium Plate's materials are all identified with a stenciled spec including the grade, size, and heat number.

Most of the sheets that we provide are annealed, which gives them an appealing smooth surface, and we also offer pickled finishes.

Our sheets are used in industries including the aerospace industry, Medical industry, Seawater industries, Underground, Oil & Gas, and Sewage & Water Supply systems among many others.

Titanium Tubes and Pipes

Titanium pipes and tubes play a crucial role in sub-sea applications, addressing challenges in extreme working conditions.

With its high strength, low density, and inherent corrosion resistance, titanium pipes require no corrosion allowance.

This enables the specification of thinner cross-sections, reducing the amount of metal used per unit area.

Titanium's immunity to crevice corrosion and pitting, especially at temperatures below 82 degrees Celsius, ensures reliable performance even in the presence of marine deposits.

Whether supplied as seamless or welded tubes, titanium finds applications in diverse industries such as Oil & Gas, Medical, Metal Fabrication, Marine, Processing Plants, and Leisure.

Titanium Bar

Titanium Bars are utilized in many challenging applications across the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Industrial, and Oil and Gas industries. 

Selected for a unique combination of high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and higher temperature performance