Titanium sheet/ plate/ strip

Titanium Sheet/ Plate/ Strip

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Size range: Titanium sheet: thickness:0.5mm-4.75mm
Titanium plate: thickness:4.76-120mm; Width can reach to 3300mm
Titanium strip: According to customer requirements
Material Grade: CP-Ti( Gr1. Gr2, Gr3, Gr4),Gr5, Gr7. Gr12, Gr23, Ti6Al 4V
Standard: ASTM B265, AMS 4911, AMS4900, AMS4901, AMS4902

Titanium Sheet/Plate/Strip Applications

A)Titanium plate strips for plate heat exchangers

Grade: Gr1, size range: 0.4-1.0mm,

Titanium strip for welded pipe

Grade:Gr2 ; size range: ≥0.4mm

B)Titanium strip for electrode  

Grade: Gr1, size range: 0.5-2.0mm,   Excellent etching rate, uniform etched surface, no color difference

C)Titanium Precision Belt

Grade: Gr1, Gr2, Gr4

D)Titanium alloy wide and thick plate

Grade: Gr5. Gr23,  Gr6; Gr2, Gr4  thickness size arrange 30-100mm,

Application areas: Ships, weapons, aerospace

 For example: size:20*3300*10000mm ; 25*3200*8000mm

E)Bulletproof and explosion-proof titanium alloy

Titanium sheet/ plate/ strip

Titanium sheet/ plate/ strip

Titanium Sheet: The Ultimate Choice for High-Performance Applications

When it comes to high-performance applications, titanium sheet is the ultimate choice. With its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, this versatile material is used in various industries. From aerospace to medical, automotive to marine, titanium sheet offers unmatched durability and reliability.

Unparalleled Strength and Lightweight Design

One of the key advantages of titanium sheet is its unparalleled strength combined with a lightweight design. This makes it ideal for applications where weight reduction is critical, such as aerospace and automotive industries. Despite its lightweight nature, titanium sheet exhibits remarkable strength, allowing it to withstand extreme conditions and heavy loads.

Corrosion Resistance for Longevity

Titanium sheet is well-known for its exceptional corrosion resistance. It is highly resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals, saltwater, and atmospheric conditions. This property makes it an excellent choice for applications in marine environments, chemical processing plants, and offshore oil rigs. With titanium sheet, you can be confident that your components will withstand the test of time.

Heat and Temperature Resistance

Another remarkable characteristic of titanium sheet is its heat and temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperatures without losing its strength or structural integrity. This makes it suitable for applications in the aerospace industry, where components are exposed to extreme heat during re-entry or high-speed flight. Titanium sheet ensures reliable performance even under the most demanding thermal conditions.

Excellent Formability and Machinability

Titanium sheet offers excellent formability and machinability, allowing it to be easily shaped and fabricated into complex parts. This versatility makes it a preferred choice for various manufacturing processes, including stamping, bending, and welding. With titanium sheet, you can create intricate components with precision and ease.

Biocompatibility for Medical Applications

Due to its biocompatibility, titanium sheet is widely used in the medical field. It is non-toxic and does not trigger allergic reactions, making it suitable for surgical implants, prosthetics, and dental applications. Titanium sheet's compatibility with the human body ensures patient safety and promotes successful medical procedures.

Electrical Conductivity and Thermal Conductivity

Not only does titanium sheet possess excellent mechanical properties, but it also exhibits good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. This makes it an ideal choice for applications that require efficient heat transfer or electrical conductivity, such as heat exchangers, power generation equipment, and electronic components.

High Fatigue Strength for Longevity

Titanium sheet has a high fatigue strength, which means it can withstand repeated loading and unloading without failure. This property makes it suitable for applications that require components to endure cyclic loading, such as aircraft structures, racing cars, and sports equipment. With titanium sheet, you can ensure the longevity and reliability of your products.

Low Density for Fuel Efficiency

For industries that prioritize fuel efficiency, titanium sheet is the material of choice. Its low density contributes to reduced weight, resulting in improved fuel economy. This makes it particularly valuable in the automotive and aerospace industries, where every ounce saved translates to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

Uncompromising Quality and Compliance

When you choose titanium sheet, you can expect uncompromising quality and compliance with industry standards. Our titanium sheets are manufactured to meet aerospace, automotive, and medical industry requirements, ensuring that you receive a product of the highest quality and reliability. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence.


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